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Who we are

Criterion Research is a company supporting companies.

We offer ourselves as a partner to develop together effective marketing plans which aim to increase and consolidate customers, analyzing the impact of your product or service on the market.

Criterion Research was born as a market research institute and uses its twenty years experience in this area to create new strategies pointing to the success of your brand.

Ours is a laboratory of ideas. After a careful analysis of your business and goals, we study the best solution tailored to promptly achieve them.

We work considering the uniqueness of your Company with its own specific customers, no pre-set projects, questionnaires or script. In this way we can guarantee a customized approach.


foto raffy.png

Raffaella Leonardi


Administrative Manager


Arianna Colombo

Research Manager & International Business

foto pietro.jpg

Pietro Leonardi

Founder &

Managing Consultant

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